App Perception 101: Intuitive Ways To Increase Downloads

It’s no secret that ASO (app store optimization) is the best way of acquiring quality users for your product. However, the techniques that enable websites to rise through the ranks of Google’s organic search results won’t necessarily help mobile app builders in the world of app store optimization. A leader in mobile app promotion, Gummicube specializes in connecting app builders with the high-quality users they desire. Here are some of Gummicube’s top suggestions for increasing app downloads intuitively:

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Maximize Keywords

With the number of keyword characters allowed by app stores topping out at 100, selecting the right words and phrases is especially important. Try to target a mixture of shorter and longer-tail keywords. Additionally, you should look for trending terms among your competitors’ app descriptions and use variations for your top-performing keywords. Because ranking well in the app store requires constant testing and reevaluation, you may also want to consider working with an experienced ASO company so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.


Create Screenshots

Posting eye-catching screenshots is one of the best ways to draw users to your app. Instead of uploading a single pic, showcase multiple photos of your app in action, along with text descriptions of what is being shown. It’s only logical that users will be more likely to download your product if they see what it can do firsthand. Additionally, pictures provide a handy operational guide should people decide to buy.


Spend Time On The Title

The app title is one of the first pieces of information users have about your product, and it should provide a quick and accurate description of your app’s purpose. Because you have only 255 characters to use in your title, it’s important that you take the time to maximize this space. However, you should avoid stuffing your title with keywords, as this can seem “spammy.” Keep titles brief but descriptive to attract the most possible buyers to your app.


Boost App Downloads Intuitively with the Above Tips

From keeping up with changing search trends to creating the best keyword phrases, app store optimization is a complex process that requires continuous tracking and evaluation. Fortunately, Gummicube is here to make your ASO process more efficient. One of the top names in app search, we have the proprietary data and full-service approach needed to promote your app successfully. Contact us today for more great tips on increasing user acquisition for your app at

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