Kairosoft releases New Japanese Game Highway Seafood Sushi for Android


Kairosoft is on a roll of late as they released Pocket Clothier earlier this week and then dropped another game with the Japanese version of Highway Seafood Sushi. We’re sure this won’t be the English title of the game, but it will be all about running a sushi restaurant. Highway Seafood Sushi puts you in charge of a sushi restaurant where you’ll work to build yourself into the best sushi shop around. You’ll need to hire staff, setup the restaurant, and buy new facilities to boost your popularity. As it is a game about sushi you’ll also have to find ingredients to make new sushi although I’m not sure if it will be done through a “hunting” mini-game or other means.


I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’m sure it will be similar to their other games and there’s been no word of an English release date yet. Kairosoft still has untranslated versions of Card Change and Star-Kun sitting in the market and personally I hope we’ll see one of those two first. There isn’t a free version available yet, but if you’re just itching to try it you can pick up the Japanese version of Highway Seafood Sushi for $4.99 on Google Play.

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