Kid Picks: Dr. Panda's Hospital by Tribeplay

Each week we try to highlight a new Android App or Game that’s great for the kids, and this week’s pick is Panda Hospital from Tribeplay. Panda Hospital lets your little ones take care of sick animals at Dr. Panda’s Hospital. They’ll get to meet & greet different animals, put them into their beds, and discover and treat their illnesses. There are 8 different animals to treat including sick Polar Bears and Cows with eye issues.The way you go about treating the illnesses is fun as well as you’ll get to play mini-games involving the ailments. All the mini-games are very well done, and easy for children to play. Dr. Panda’s Hospital has lots of little extras kids will get a kick out of as well including a sticker book and lots of interactive elements. If you’re children like animals Dr. Panda’s Hospital is definitely a game you’ll want to grab. It’s a great game for kids in the 2-6 year old age range, and even after they treat an animal there’s plenty to keep them busy around the hospital. You can pick up cans in the floor, turn on radios, and open windows… very nice touch and it’s a sure fire way to keep a kid interested. There’s a free version of the game you can check out, and the full version of Dr. Panda’s Hospital will only set you back $2.00.

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