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Lego Duplo Peekaboo Most of the time we cover Android Apps & Games for big kids, but occasionally we come across a great apps for the little ones. LEGO Duplo Peekaboo is one such app, and if you’re looking to entertain your toddler it’s definitely worth a The LEGO Duplo Peekaboo app brings the classic game known as “hide and seek” to your Android device. Children will follow a bunny, a teddy bear, and a Giraffe around Duplo land and attempt to find them when they hide. The app makes finding your fuzzy friends simple as you child just needs to touch and drag an object to move it and see what’s biding behind it. Animals will peek out occasionally to give you a bit of a hint, and the Giraffe is pretty easy to find as you might imagine. A game is finished once you find all three friends, and from there your child will play a quick mini-game that lets them piece together a simple Lego creature. The creatures show up in the background when the game resets, and while there are only 3 objects to “move” they do a good job of switching them up so LEGO Duplo Peekaboo is a game that should keep the little ones busy for a LEGO Duplo Peekaboo is a simple, but it’s a polished children’s app that’s worth a download if you have children between 1 ½ to 3 years old. The only flaw I see in the game is with the “For Parents” button which tells you about the game, but also lets you jump to a web browser. They could have done a better job of locking things down in that department, but as a whole the game is something the kids should enjoy. If you want to check it out, you can pick up the LEGO Duplo Peekaboo app for free on Google Play.

LEGO Duplo Peekaboo

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