Lenovo K900 – A 5.5’’ FHD smartphone

These are some really exciting times for smartphone fans; manufacturers are starting to compete and are pushing the limits. Lenovo is looking to leave its very own make on the smartphone industry with its Lenovo K900 smartphone. And from what we are seeing, Lenovo K900 is looking to ho head to head with the competition. The Lenovo K900 boasts a 5.5 inch Full High definition IPS display panel, quite a glorious one too. With a 400 PPI pixel density the display is popping out and begging you to love it, which you will one you lay your eyes on it. The screen is rather big from the now 5 inch industry standard, moving the Lenovo K900 into the phablet territory. Lenovo is looking to capitalize on the Galaxy Note fame and we have to admit the Lenovo K900 does have some advantages in the screen department. Opting for a rather taller look more akin to the HTC Droid DNA than the Galaxy Note 2, Lenovo K900 feels quite nice while held in the hand. Having a latest Clover Trail+ 2 GHz Atom processor and 2 GB RAM, the Lenovo K900 does feel snappy. This coupled with Android 4.1.2 right off the bat makes it a lucrative offering. The Lenovo K900 has a 13 MP camera with Sony Exmor BSI sensor and a F1.8 lens, which produce remarkable results even in low light conditions. The front camera also has a wide angle lens. The device itself looks sleek yet mechanical with the screws showing and sharp corners, also it is available in two very different colors too. He gun metal black and two toned silver making it look more steampunked than the toyish looking Galaxy series. Unfortunately the Lenovo K900 won’t be coming to the North American markets anytime soon (there is no word whether it will come or not). The Lenovo K900 is expected to release soon in Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The pricing is also not mentioned but we suspect it will be one of the expensive ones.

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