Live Betting simply adds to the fun factor!

Betting on sporting events is a popular pastime that adds to the excitement when watching sporting events live. For most, sports betting is a hobby but there are bettors that regularly turn a tidy profit. The rapid development of the internet has made betting quick and easy. Whatever sport you wish to bet on, no matter how obscure it may be will be covered online.

Regular fixed odds betting is still the most popular way to bet on events but live betting has significantly gained in popularity. Live bets are also called in-play, in-running or in-game bets and over the years the markets have increased considerably. Major events like the Super Bowl or World Cup final have hundreds of possible betting opportunities for you to take advantage off.


With so many sportsbook operators online trying to entice you to use their site to bet on, it is important you find one that covers the sports and events that you wish to follow. With live betting, the big online sports operators are able to offer a larger selection of in-play betting options in a wider array of sports.


Choosing the right online casinos for live betting


Finding the right online casino with a comprehensive sportsbook of live bets is half the battle. The site design needs to be intuitive allowing you to access relevant information with ease. The site should offer live feeds that do not lag, live streaming or data feeds must be in real-time.


Leading sites who have invested heavily in mobile technology are the frontrunners in live betting. Over half of online bets are now placed using mobile devices and this figure is the set increase over the coming years. Online betting apps bypass browsers allowing punters to go directly to the markets that matter most to them.


Android friendly sites such as Bovada and Top Bet offer high-quality mobile sports betting in America. Across the pond in Europe look no further than LeoVegas casino as the number one site in mobile live betting. In the review found on Leo Vegas is mentioned as being an award winning mobile operator with a huge pool of online games as well as a loyalty club.


Other important factors to consider when choosing the right online casino are that it is properly licensed in jurisdictions that are well respected. The casino resolves customer queries quickly and efficiently, offers regular bonus promotions for you to take advantage off and payment processing options are fast.








So what are the benefits of live betting?


Live bets are a fairly new phenomenon in the history of sports betting and simply defined are bets placed after a game, race or event has started and run up to its conclusion. The relaxation of strict governmental laws, a radical increase of events being broadcast live globally and the internet boom were instrumental in making live betting the success it is today.


The first in-running betting was launched 20 years ago in the mid-90’s and was groundbreaking news. This form of betting is now taken for granted two decades on so it is hard to fathom how trailblazing this was back then. Live betting captured the imagination of a younger tech-savvy generation.
Firstly, with this type of betting, gamblers can get a feel and assess what’s going before placing any bet. This makes in-play betting more engaging, thrilling and potentially more profitable than traditional betting. By using real-life knowledge spectators can make more informed betting decisions.


Live betting can a bit confusing for new players at first, the betting possibilities or betting lines will constantly change before your very eyes. Once you get used to this aspect you begin to appreciate the improved winning chances. Many of the markets on offer throughout the event are not available in regular betting. In football, for example, you can wager on the next player to score and as soon as player scores that market closes and another immediately opens for the next scorer. In tennis, you can bet on who will break serve next, and so on.


Sports betting relies more on knowledge and skills and minimizes the element of luck having the biggest effect on your levels of success. With more markets to consider during live play, there is an even better chance of finding bets that offer great value. It is important to remember that live traders are under pressure to adjust their margins constantly and have less time to absorb information. This gives bettors the opportunity to seize on any errors or loose odds. Any edge over bookmakers no matter how slight is a big advantage for sophisticated gamblers.


Finally, another huge benefit is being able to hedge your bets, allowing you to secure a guaranteed profit when things go to plan or cutting your losses when things go against you. Live betting is highly enjoyable and having small betting interests throughout the game adds to the fun factor.
































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