Manage a Mint through the Centuries in Mint Master for Android

Mint.Master-AndroidWhen you hear the word Tower of London you generally don’t think of video games. Mint Master is looking to change that as it’s a “strategy” management game with a bit of a storyline involving the Tower of London and its history as The Royal Mint. mint.master-1Mint Master is a management game where you’ll have to set up shop and produce coins the old fashioned way. The game takes a historical approach by giving you missions to complete which means you’ll get to meet some famous folks like King Henry VIII, and deal with things like the Black Plague. As you progress through the ages you’ll have to build up the Mint, hire employees, and handle maintenance if you want to keep things running smoothly. By the numbers, Mint Master has 9 episodes spanning 500 years and three historical eras. I wasn’t able to  spend a lot of time with Mint Master, but it seems to be a solid game and a nice way to learn a bit about The Royal Mint. It’s not a game you’re going to rave about, but it’s worth a look if you dig these types of games or are looking for something different. You can pick up Historic Royal Palaces Mint Master for free on Google Play.

Mint Master

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