Math made Fun in Into-Motions Chalkulus for Android


If you enjoy a good brain game there’s a new Android game you’ll want to check out by the name of Chalkulus. As the name implies Chalkulus is all about calculations and even though Math is no friend of mine I still had a great time with the game. The rules and gameplay behind Chalkulus is simple. You need to construct the sum that leads the outcome written in the white cells on the game board. The tricky part comes into play as you can only use each digit one every axis once. There is a hint button that can give you a bit of help if you get stuck, but the hints aren’t guaranteed to give the exact answer you’re looking for. There are no levels, stages or boss battle in Chalkulus (although a vile Calculus boss would be sweet); it’s just you and your chalkboard, a lot of numbers, and a hint system. There aren’t any extras either, but you can set the hint mode to random or selected.


Chalkulus is really a numbers puzzler at its finest as it’s not about flash or swagger… just calculations on a chalk board. I actually enjoyed the simplicity and straightforwardness of the game as it lets you get right down to business. Chalkulus is also a game you can play indefinitely as the built in puzzle generator gives you a massive 100,000+ different puzzles which should be more than enough to keep you busy. There’s a free version of Chalkulus you can try that gives you 4 puzzles while the full version unlocks the puzzle generator for access to the 100k puzzles for $1.89. Both versions of Into-Motions Chalkulus are available for download on Google Play.

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