Microsoft Office for Android Gets New Features

Microsoft Office for Android is getting tons of new and cool features in July, as per the company’s official announcement.  Okay, I am exaggerating a little bit, for dramatic effect. I meant, Office for Android is getting a few new cool features. Better now? Moving along with the story, even if Microsoft did not provide a precise release date for the new features planned to be added to its Office for Android, here’s a short list of the updated and improvements which are coming soon in July. In my book, this is as good as it gets:

Powerpoint, Word and Outlook will all receive an update next month, and check this out: they are all benefiting from an equal number of changes. They all get one each, to be more precise. Before diving further into the news, you can test the new features yourself by downloading the new apps from Google Play if you’re an Office Insider. Moving along with the news, Outlook for Android will be capable of deleting contacts and will feature a do-not-disturb mode, i.e. you’ll be capable to turn-off Email notifications.

Word will get a word-counter that, well, counts words as you scroll-through the respective document. The app will get the ability to fit the .doc to your screen with zero wasted space, hence you’ll get better accuracy when zooming. Finally, Powerpoint will allow you to access notes and comments, and also to edit/read slides easier than before, whether your device is in landscape or portrait mode. Powerpoint for Android will also provide you with the option to capture/share enhanced images via fewer taps, compared to the current version. So, at some point next month, when you see an update available for Powerping, Word and Outlook, don’t hesitate, get it done and enjoy the ride.

Source: Microsoft
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