Mobile Connectivity Drives Online Gambling Revenue

Online gambling first launched in the 90’s and has been slowly but steadily increasing its revenue each year. Although, there are certain events that fuel surges in online gambling revenue, which are mostly tied to technological breakthroughs. Like, in the 2,000’s when Google became the preferred search engine, online gambling saw a spike in revenue.

Recent advances in mobile devices and connectivity are bringing about another revenue spike, which could propel online gambling revenue over $100 billion dollars in 2017.

Before smartphones and tablets, online gamblers had to rely on their trusted desktop computers. All that has changed. Online gamblers can connect to casinos and casino games on their mobile device from almost anywhere, depending on local laws, of course.

For example, on an Android smartphone, all it takes is downloading an app and connecting to the internet to play Android slots anytime. Players love this new mobile connectivity so much that analysts have made this incredibly huge revenue prediction based on the online gambling’s mobile revolution.

App-based gambling is relatively new, but it’s definitely gaining momentum as more players try and switch to apps over browser based gambling. Online gambling isn’t dead by any means, it’s just adapting itself to a the new mobile world.

Casino developers aren’t relying solely on app-based users. They are also making their online casinos mobile compatible. You might have heard the term ‘responsive design,’ which in a nutshell means adapting the interface to meet the user’s behavior according to screen size, platform and orientation.

Leading developers and casinos offer some of the most dynamic products on the market. Vibrant visuals and crystal-clear sound are becoming industry standard as more users voice their feedback and preferences.

What it comes down to is user experience. Is the online casino responsive so they can switch from their desktop to their tablet to their smartphone? Are banking features streamlined and secure? Are the visuals and sound the best they can be? These are the indicators that will push online gambling revenue over the $100 billion mark very soon.

While it may be a mobile world right now, Virtual and Augmented Reality are coming soon. Is that the next big thing for online gambling? We’ll see soon enough as more AR/VR devices make their way into consumer’s hands.

For now, mobile connectivity is making online gambling more revenue than ever, and everyone is waiting to see if it breaks the $100 billion mark before years end.


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