Mobile Google Search Features Android App Results

Google finally decided to integrate Market searches within Google Search on mobile phones. For instance, if you happen to search for an Android app on Google on your Android phone, the top choice should lead you to the Android Market. Granted, you could just easily search for the app within the Marketplace itself, but if you didn’t know an app for a specific service existed, Google Search should help you out. If you take a look at the picture above, searching for “Download Shazam” will lead to the first choice being a direct link to the Android Market. However, it is important to note that if you simply search for Shazam, the Marketplace referral link will not appear. In addition to the direct link, the app searched for will also feature convenient information such as price, rating, and publisher. Now, if you are on an iPhone and perform a similar search, the first result will lead you to the App Store. Therefore searching for apps only works if you are on an iPhone or one of the many Android phones. It would be pretty cool to have this work on a PC as well, but it serves a better purpose being strictly available on a smartphone. As of now, many of the well known apps will be featured in the search results. But I wouldn’t expect an app that was just introduced to the Marketplace or App Store to make its way into Google Search results. Lastly, only Google Mobile Search in the United States will feature this integration, but there are plans for integration in other countries in the near future.

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