Motorola X Phone looks to be Loaded with Cool Features

The Motorola X Phone has been in the rumor radar for many of us, even though the smartphone isn’t officially announced yet. The Motorola X Phone is hailed to be the first collaborative effort from Google and the Google acquired Motorola. Google claims that the recent devices which Motorola has released were in production will before the takeover, and Google didn’t had to anything with them. A few days ago a job listing from Motorola sort of confirmed that the Motorola X Phone indeed exists. The LinkedIn posting, had the words “X Phone” in the heading, leading us to the conclusion that the smartphone is the works. Today more rumors are surfacing which are making the Motorola X Phone all the more exciting. PhoneArena claims to have some insider scoop on the Motorola X Phone and is sharing with us all. According to the snitch, the Motorola X Phone will have a Kevlar back, which is seen in top end Motorola smartphones. The Motorola X Phone will also have a very substantial battery, more a kin to RAZR Maxx. The smartphone is to have a 4.8 inch display along with a quad core processor. What is surprising is that the Motorola X Phone will have a microSD card slot. We call baloney on this one though, as Google is sort of anti-microSD card type of company now. But we suspect that the Motorola X Phone is not going to be from the more Google inclined Nexus series, so there is a chance that Motorola might sneak the feature in. The device is also rumored to contain the latest Android iteration that is Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. The Motorola X Phone is also supposed to have a improved camera, with latest tech from Sony. The camera will use the Exmor sensors from Sony, which are also being used by Apple. Just like always, these rumors are to be taken lightly. We all know that many credible sources have turned out to provide unintentionally wrong information. Source: PhoneArena

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