Net some Fish with DroidHen’s Fishing Diary

There are many fishing games in the Android market and a new one just got added to the mix in the form of Fishing Diary from DroidHen. This fancy fishing game lets you fish with net cannons instead of the usual fishing pole, and while it’s not the first game to use the net shtick its does have a few features that set it apart from the rest.

Fishing Diary gives you tasks to complete which is generally involve catching a certain number of fish, and you’ll fire one of 9 cannons to nab them. Gold and XP are earned for every fish you catch; the gold is used in the store to purchase upgrades for your cannons and for power-ups. You can also take screenshots during the game that can be saved or shared. I’ve noticed more games doing this and it’s great to see for gamers & reviewers alike. The power-ups included are a water bomb, fishing bait, and electric shock. All these make catching fish easier, and when you run out more can be bough using shells in the store. There are a few mini-games thrown in there as well with Spin the Wheel and a Mermaid treasure chest game. Those are the only two I’ve seen so far, but there could be more.

The graphics are initially what made me check out Fishing Diary, and they didn’t disappoint once I got the game going. Something did disappoint me though, and that’s the lack of directions with the game. Unless the instructions are hidden in a treasure chest somewhere in the game there aren’t any. The game is easy to figure out, but you don’t really know what the cannons abilities are (if any) which kind of sucks. Other than that, Fishing Diary is fun to play and seems like it would be a great little time-killer. If you want to net some fish, you can grab Fishing Diary from the Android market for free.

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