New Samsung Galaxy S10+: is it the best smartphone on the market?

There is a lot we can do with smartphones nowadays. Since the time of first computers, technology hasn’t stop improving, and this little device that we carry around in our pocket is the proof. Smartphones have so many functions and unique features: they can capture videos in 8K, better live video than the conventional devices, watch videos and TV on the move and have playing functionalities.

And of course, we can’t forget that it is also possible to make calls and communicate in a variety of ways, including social networks. Although these features are only order classifiers – features that a mobile phone has that enable it to be for sale – these points are well worth mentioning given the importance that users give to everything else. And, among all these features, that definitely make the difference in the search for a smartphone, the ultimate screen ratio of the device is a major aspect.

As expected, current trends indicate that a smartphone’s screen must be large, preferably over 6 inches and with fantastic resolutions, denser than many televisions and monitors. This is because watching movies and photos on the phone is one of the most common everyday activities. Just like mobile gaming, of course, as titles on Google Play are getting better and more demanding.

Galaxy S10 Plus is the name of the most powerful and complete mobile phone in the market today. The launch of Samsung’s flagship – along with the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10E – has undergone a welcome complete revitalization. It is visually more modern, with cutting edge data sheet and a camera set that does not disappoint.

Realistically, this mobile phone is the best all-around option you can get right now, and it checks pretty much every box there is to check, moving it close to be a perfect smartphone.

For starters the hardware is great, and the phone has a really stylish and modernized design: a shinier and polished frame and corners are sharp, which give it a more professional look. It incorporates a hidden under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor glass on the front, and the new Wireless PowerShare feature on back, allowing you to Qi-charge other devices, and although it looks incredible, it’s not so convenient for smudges.

Besides the newly wireless features, the back also has a triple-lens camera that takes regular photos, telephoto, and ultra-wide photos. You can capture more of what’s in front of you – without having to back up. When it comes to video recording, one of the top new features of the Galaxy S10 Plus is the Super Steady recording system. Samsung promises an improved stabilization rate for activities as skiing and cycling, but it can even help you record while walking or running.

The Super AMOLED display has evolved into the Dynamic AMOLED, which promises more real colors and upgraded brightness. This new quad display on the Galaxy S10 Plus is indeed Samsung’s best display yet. According to DisplayMate, this is a “record-setting display,” earning its highest ever A+ grade.

When it comes to audio quality, the S10 Plus’s speakers are very powerful. Unfortunately, they aren’t the best in the market as per the general opinion is that the S10 Plus indeed got louder, as opposed to other mobile devices that deliver more robust bass and richer audio overall (Example: iPhone XS Max).

If you are a sports fan, this is probably the best phone to watch live streams of events. Furthermore, Samsung has an ongoing partnership with MLB and NBA, so if you want to keep focused on the MLB odds to the World Series of baseball or know the full roosters for the upcoming basketball season, they got you covered.

Battery-wise, the phone has one of the biggest batteries you can find: 14 hours is the average time you can use the phone without charging it.

Lastly, the OneUI software on the Galaxy S10 is streamlined as promised and fairly easy to use. The settings menu has less options up front, but it’s still a cakewalk to make your way around. You’re also able to access the shortcuts for Wireless PowerShare and Blue Light Filter right when you slide your finger down from the top of the screen.

To sum up, the new Galaxy S10 Plus is, currently, the best smartphone in the market. It brings the best of technology, with a renewed look, powerful cameras and a lean, elegant, functional system. An expensive mobile device but will surely get you covered for the next years to come.

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