News360 for Tablets gets a new UI and other personalization features

News360 for Tablets is among the few apps that I was able to use when I still have the Samsung Galaxy Note Tab 10.1. It was a pretty good news reader app for my tablet back then. Great user interface, nice navigation features and all the works. So, I departed with my Galaxy Note Tab and so with the said Android app. I’ve never heard anything from News360 again until now. A new version of the News360 for Tablet now at version 3.0 was just announced and it is now available as a free download from Google Play. The app got a new User Interface. For instance, there’s now a single integrated “Home” feed which serves as a one-stop shop for you to discover important news. It also delivers all the headline news you need to know as responsible, informed citizens of the world, including niche stories from your personalized categories and subscriptions. The updated News360 app also now analyzes your actions within your social cloud. Hence understanding your personality and make predictions about the types of content you’d enjoy. All you need to do is to connect your social accounts to News360, and the app will build a news reader suited to your personal needs. The complete list of news features of News360 include:

  • Escape the Social Discovery Echo-Chamber: We don’t just organize your Facebook and Twitter feeds in a pretty frame, nor do we serve you articles just because your friends or followers liked them. We analyze your actions within your social cloud to understand your personality, and make predictions about the types of content you’d enjoy. Connect social accounts to News360 and we’ll to build a reader that’s tailored precisely for you, putting each story under the microscope to make sure it’s the perfect match for you — not your friends.
  • Under-the-Hood Access. You can manually customize and tweak feeds any time. Doesn’t everyone do that? Sure, but let’s take a closer look. Typically, you’ve got two options for customizing feeds: adding sources that you already know you like, or adding broad categories like “Technology” or “Sports.” News360 lets you get under the hood to understand and adjust the factors that impact your unique personalized news algorithms, like sources, topics and trends. For example, you can edit your science category to keep tabs on your obsession with space travel, and filter out the stories about health or genetics, if those don’t happen to strike your fancy.
  • Home Is Where The News Is. A single integrated “Home” feed serves as a one-stop shop for discovering the news that’s most important. The home feed delivers all the headline news you need to know as a responsible, informed citizen of the world, as well as the niche stories you want from your personalized categories and subscriptions, so that you don’t need to switch between different media channels to stay on top of the news.
  • Better with Age. Your News360 learns more about you as you use it, improving feeds as you read, share and like articles. You’ll grow more fond of each other as time goes by.
  • Pretty on the Outside, Too. An entirely redesigned interface provides a quicker, sleeker browsing experience. Smart and pretty? It’s like the Natalie Portman of news apps.
  • No Wi-Fi? No Problem. News360 lets you quickly scan your feed and save stories to read later for the next time you’re offline. We work with Instapaper and Pocket, too.
  • Spike Your Newsfeed With a Kick. Sick of all the tired topics that seem to dominate the news? Opt for a dose of sunshine and rainbows with News360′s new “Good News” section, or thriller fantasies with the “Zombies” category.
  • You’re the Expert. Worried that there is too much great content to go through? Fret no more. As you read through your Home feed, we’ll let you know whether you’ve read enough to confidently bluff your way through any cocktail party, or if you’re ready to win that Jeopardy tournament.

Via [Android Guys]

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