Next Generation Swype App for Android Features 4-in-1 Keyboard Support

Nuance, the developer of Android keyboard replacement app Swype has just released the latest version of their beta app. Wait, before you head out to Google Play to get the app, you won’t get it from there. Like I said, it’s in beta and you can only get it by visiting your Android phone’s browser to From there, simply follow the instructions to download the app and have it installed on your phone. So the latest version of Swype beta has one major improvement and that has something to do with its input modalities. Nuance calls this four-in-one keyboard. Using Swype, you can now swype from letter to letter just like it was before, type rapidly with the help of predictive text input powered by XT9, speak the text through an integrated Dragon button, or write using fingertip gestures. What’s good about the 4-in-one keyboard is that you can switch from one modality to another on the fly. Aside from the input modalities, the updated beta version of Swype also now boasts of an improved text prediction technology powered by Nuance’s XT9 portfolio. Text prediction is now smarter and takes full use of your historical usage making it more accurate. Swype also now has voice-text dictionary synching through a personal dictionary. Every new word that you’ve key in gets added to the personal dictionary which is then mapped into Swype’s unified language model. This enables you to speak or write words in the dictionary and the app will recognize them. Finally, Swype now supports more than 55 languages. Via [Phandroid]

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