Nokia Still Working on the Mountain View Android Prototype

mountain view

After the last week article from the New York Times, in which Nokia was revealed to be working on an Android device(the Mountain View project), as an alternative to their Microsoft running line of Lumia smartphones, now we just found out that Nokia didn’t completely dropped the Android project, even if Microsoft’s acquisition of their mobile business is imminent.

As you probably know, Microsoft is about to buy Nokia’s mobile phone business very soon, yet the Finnish company is still working on an Android smartphone.  This information was leaked by a Chinese website, Weibo, from the CTechnology ‘s account,which has a good reputation in the “leaking” business, because many of their  insider reports from the past proved to be very accurate.

In case you are wondering why are the Chinese reporting about Nokia’s secret project, you must know that Nokia’s  Research&Development center for its Android smartphone, nick-named Mountain View, is based in China.

mountain view

Actually, the company has offices in Beijing and the Mountain View project is so advanced that the well known manufacturer Foxconn(they build the majority of smartphones/tablets, from iPhones to “you name it”) had already delivered 10 000 prototypes of the Android running Nokia smartphone to date.

According to Weibo, Foxconn is still manufacturing Nokia Android prototypes and will continue to do so at least until November, when Nokia’s shareholders will have a meeting in which they will approve/disapprove Microsoft’s takeover.

The Mountain View prototype is built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip architecture and it is intended to be an affordable Android smartphone.

For the time being, no further info is available about the tech specs of the Mountain View project. But, when/ if Microsoft acquisition will take place, it is expected for the prototype to be cancelled (I can’t see Microsoft developing Android running smartphones) and there will be leaks, I can bet.






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