Official Samsung accessories store to launch in Europe in July – report

Samsung accessories

A dedicated online store for Samsung accessories is the next step in the Korean company’s extensive marketing efforts.

Samsung is doing  its best to make the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its other flagships ubiquitous, by opening Samsung Experience Shops in over 1400 Best Buy locations, which are set to be available for at least three years.

The next step is for the company to capitalize on its extensive range of mobile accessories, some of which, like the Body Scale for the Galaxy S4 or the heart rate monitor, adding extensive functionality to Samsung’s devices.

According to industry sources quoted by ET News, a Samsung accessories online shop is in the works, that will launch in Europe first, “around early July”, followed to other parts of the world in the future. The online store will sell, according to the same source, both accessories made by the company itself and some made by its partners (which will include some wireless chargers Samsung has ordered recently). Samsung has made a wireless charging kit for the Samsung Galaxy S4 available just a few days ago.

The plan is to generate revenue and to gain customer loyalty, as users won’t have to look for accessories elsewhere if they can get them directly from Samsung, making sure they’re fully compatible (and, probably, at the best possible price).

The same report mentions that the worldwide smartphone accessories market is currently at around 50 trillion Korean Won (around $44 billion), it makes quite a lot of sense for Samsung to want a bigger chunk of that. We’ll just have to wait until July to see if the project materializes.

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Via: Android Authority

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