Pandora internet radio app for Android updated to version 4.0 with several new features

Pandora, one of the pioneers when it comes to mobile internet radio streaming has just pushed version 4.0 of  Android app on Google Play featuring several new features. The latest update takes its cue from the previous one where the user interface of the app was improved significantly.One of the most important new features that the update brings is the ability to find more music by allowing you to add variety to your radio stations. You can now quickly view each of your station details. When it comes to usability, the updated Pandora Android app now also lets you edit your shuffle right from your device as well as discover new music by simply following the music feed of other Pandora users. You will also be able to re-discover your favorite music on your Pandora profile page. For social sharing, Pandora has added the ability to let you share your latest music discovery on Facebook and Twitter. The app also now lets you explore the artists and music you love directly on your device, enjoy constantly updated and expertly curated genre stations as well as reduced buffering times when listening to a particular track played on a particular radio stations. via [Google Play]

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