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New Zealand has always been an attractive and amazing place to live and to visit, and not only because of its scenic landscape, ranging from far-reaching mountains to gigantic underground cave systems, massive glaciers to boiling hot springs, golden-sand beaches to rugged coastline, its wonderful wildlife, its native Maori culture, its cool cities, and its national rugby team.

There is lots to do and to see in New Zealand, and you can always keep up with the news and the latest happenings via NZ Herald by subscribing to it, with the choice to receive the news in digital or paper format.

In New Zealand, playing cards has always been a popular pastime ever since Chinese immigrants brought it to New Zealand in the 1800s, and it was the Americans who introduced the game of Poker to the island, and the Kiwis surely developed a passion for it ever since, especially playing Texas Hold’em with its easy to understand rules.

There are six casinos in New Zealand where avid poker players get to play their games. Among those six, the Christchurch Casino and Skycity Auckland are the most well-known.

In New Zealand, casino gaming is not the only form of betting. Betting on Horse Races, Lotteries and Slot Machines, are also widespread and common.

However, playing poker is still one of the most popular choice.

Besides visiting a casino, one can also play online poker onveniently from home or any other place with Internet connection, but it’s illegal to play poker online through any communication device if the online gambling operator is based in New Zealand.

Nevertheless, anyone in New Zealand can play poker or any other games in mobile casinos, if the gambling operator is based offshore. There are plenty of online gambling providers worldwide, including from Sweden, who has entered the New Zealand market.

Mobile Casinos are generally very widespread worldwide, it started in 2007 with the launch of iOS and Android on mobile when Mobile Casinos became more accessible. The opening of the App store in 2009 and Google Play changed mobile gaming forever. Texas Hold’em was one of the most downloaded App back then.

Mobile sites flooded the web and to this day, you are always spoilt for choice, regardless of what kind of mobile casino games you might be looking for, real money mobile casinos haven’t been left out either.

It is expected for mobile casinos to even grow further.

Go try your luck, if you haven’t done so yet!!


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