Pokemon Quest Now Free to Play on Android

If you’re a fan of the “Pokemon Universe”, well, the good news of the day is that you can now play Pokemon Quest for free. What does it mean? To begin with, this game is aimed at Pokemon lovers who enjoy staying indoors. Basically, if it’s cold or rainy outside, or you’re just not in the mood for chasing wild Pokemon, Pokemon Quest is the name of the game for you, i.e. you can drop Pokemon Go in favor of the new “internet sensation”. Pokemon Quest first debuted on Nintendo Switch a month ago, and now it’s available for the hundreds of millions of Android users world wide.

To begin with, Pokemon Quest will require Android 4.4 KitKat or higher installed on your mobile device, and at least 2 GB of RAM on-board. As per its graphics, the game looks like it was designed by a cubist designer, i.e. it comes in a cubist style, which will definitely appeal Crossy Road or Minecraft aficionados. Maybe that was the game creators’ intention from the beginning, who knows? Pokemon Quest features Pokemon from both the Blue and Red games, and makes for an interesting melange of exploration and fighting. The game-play includes befriending wild Pokemon, obviously, and there are also some role playing game elements, i.e. items that can be found and collected to help you with buffing your creatures or decorating your base camp.

My 2 cents: because of Minecraft and similar stuff, many mobile games nowadays are into cubes. Here’s a wild suggestion: how about games with “decent” graphics for our expensive droids running on  the latest Exynos and Qualcomm SoCs? Really now, how hard is it? Basically, these droids have the same hardware capabilities as the PS2 for Christ’s sake, and this game looks like it was made in the eighties.


To download and install the game, just visit Google Play Store .

It’s worth mentioning this isn’t a “core” Pokemon game though.


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