PRISM Whistle Blower Reveals Himself, 29 Years Old NSA Analyst

PRISM Whistle Blower I hope you are familiar with my latest article, the one about the huge privacy scandal, the NSA, FBI and the PRISM Whistle Blower, which was anonymous at the moment. Just a short reminder, PRISM is a secret project conducted by the National Security Agency, FBI and all the major tech companies, which consists in Big Brother intercepting and storing all internet and mobile communications traffic, for further analysis. Emails, chats, absolutely everything goes via NSA’s mainframes. Nothing is private, there is nothing secret on the internet or on the telephone. Today, the PRISM Whistle Blower revealed himself, his name is Edward Snowdend and he is a 29 years old former US military, ex CIA, ex NSA analyst, currently working for a defense private contractor,Booz Allen Hamilton. He agreed to a video interview for the Guardian, in which he revealed his true identity and also the motives behind his, some say heroic, gesture. He fled his home in Hawaii, now he lives in a hotel in Hong Kong in seclusion, after he chose to reveal the dark secrets behind the NSA and the covert PRISM covert program. Edward had a nice and cozy life, a 200 000$/year salary, a cool job etc but he could not stand anymore abuse from the US government which spies on his own citizens without discrimination and infringes in their personal lives without a right to do so. He is one of the biggest whistle blowers in history, together with Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning. The PRISM scandal is getting epic proportions and he doesn’t feel safe about his person, as he revealed in the interview for the Guardian. The PRISM Whistle Blower doesn’t regret his disclosure and he’s hoping for the best, yet expecting the worst from the US government. NSA already filled a report regarding the leak of “classified information” and they will probably prosecute Edward. That’s why he left the United States and he is hoping for political asylum in Iceland, as he declared in the interview. The ironic thing is that the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper attacked furiously the PRISM Whistle Blower, as his “reckless disclosures” are hurting the national security of the US, yet he never denied that PRISM exists and the fact that the US Government is acting like STASI from the communist era. Edward Snowden: ‘I do not expect to see home again’ Source : Guardian

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