Qik Announces Additional Details for Premium Video Messaging Service

Almost a week ago, there was a misunderstanding about the Qik video service that would be installed on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G.  Qik came out with a clarifying message that the core service of two way video chat would be free, but premium features would cost $5 a month.  At that time, Qik refused to give any major details on the specific premium features, but today, with the launch of the HTC EVO 4G, Qik revealed all the major components of the service. Some of the major premium features include a higher video resolution than 640 x 480, unlimited video archiving, priority support, and unlimited video mail.  Basically, with video mail you can leave video messages to friends without an HTC EVO 4G and upload all videos and pictures to social networking websites.  Even though this is a standard feature on all smartphones, it is probably easier to upload using Qik.  Switching  between  front facing camera to the rear facing camera can be done with a simple tap of a button.  Some features that are coming soon include living sharing to IMs, automatic video downloads to PC, and the ability to take pictures while recording video. Lastly, Qik users with a HTC EVO 4G will be able to take advantage of the premium features for free until July 15.  Think of it as a free trial for a little over a month to see whether you like full paid version or the slimmed down one.  $5 a month for all these features and possibly more in the future does not sound bad at all.  If you own the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, I would definitely advocate at least trying out the app and all the free premium features to see whether or not it is something you would pay to have. Feel free to check out the video below showing the app in action. DIntroducing the EVO 4G - Get Exclusive Pricing

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