Quick Ways to Improve Your Social Media Image and Following

Are you looking to get into the influencing game, but are not sure where to start? Here are some quick ways to make sure your feed brings in the numbers you know you deserve.

Pick Your Platform

Decide who your target audience are. Instagram is still great for those with visual interests, such as photographers, foodies and travel writers, but younger audiences are following streamers on more obscure sites, with occasional vines posted on TikTok that go viral and sweep up a horde of new followers. Older demographics tend to stick with Facebook and Twitter, comfortable with the easy-to-use layouts of these platforms. They will often use them to keep up with family and friends who live far away, but there is a niche for marketers to exploit the ‘recommendations’ feature, ensuring that their name is prominent when users search for their particular product or service. Tailor your offering to suit the demographic you want to attract, and post appropriately worded messages: older people prefer plain talking, while youngster are intrigued by more cryptic, jargon-packed posts.

Curate Photos

While it can be tempting to put out a lot of content that has little to do with the service you are building, resist doing this. If you are on Instagram, for example, and want to help get a cosmetics line off the ground, pictures of adorable puppies and kittens will not, in the long run, help you. Instead, opt for images showing models with flawless skin, pictures of beach scenes with a message about protecting the skin of UV rays, and so on. Some Instagrammers curate their photos so carefully that even the array of thumbnail images that viewers see upon first tapping onto their page are impressed by the careful gradation of colours, the adherence to a colour scheme, or the harmony of the overall theme. Tricks like this encourage clicks and shares, which in turn boosts your follower numbers.

Hire a (Glamorous) Friend

Do your photos lack a certain sultry something when you post them? Do you wish you had a gorgeous friend who would be happy to model for you? Why not simply pay one for a few days or nights of companionship, during which time you can take as many photos as you like? Escorts can be found with a simple search such as ‘High Class Escorts Dusseldorf‘, and you will be able to choose exactly the look and body type that will suit your social media feed. Do not be tempted to lie about who your escort is – you can usually claim with truth that they are models, but claiming that they are your girlfriend can backfire spectacularly. So a tag like: ‘Partying the night away with gorgeous models: living my best life!’ is fine, while something like, ‘My beautiful new girlfriend, aren’t I lucky?’ is not! The former will be enough to establish you as a player in the field you want to break into, which is your aim, after all.

Post Often and On Point

Finally, post often – without being spammy – and keep your posts on target. Posting about a wonderful visit to a beach when that same country has just experienced a devastating natural disaster makes you seem at best ignorant and at worst uncaring and thoughtless. Post no more than twice a day for high traffic means, and about twice a week for everything else. This will ensure that followers will remain aware of you and interested in your products, without becoming so fed up with your posts in their timeline that they click ‘unfollow’.

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