Quickoffice Updates its Mobile Office Android App

Quickoffice has just updated their Quickoffice Pro mobile office solution for Android. The updated version supports Android phones running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Android 2.2 Froyo, and Android 2.0-2.1 Froyo. The mobile office app called Quickoffice Pro now lets you do advance editing, faster file loading, scrolling and zooming, contextual search, text-to-speech and create Powerpoint slide even while on the move. Also, all three file editors of the Quickoffice Pro Android app namely Quickword, Quicksheet and Quickpoint  now also lets you cut/copy/paste text and undo/redo. Some of you may remember this Android app as Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite. So, if you got the said app before, you may just want to hit the update button on the Android Market to see if the update will roll over to your installed app. The app is now rebranded as Quickoffice Pro. Another nice new feature of this Android app is the enhancements made to its Connected File Manager, Quickword, Quicksheet and Quickpoint editors. With the updated Connected File Manager, you will now have a new toolbar which lets you send files directly via email and Blueooth. As for the three file editors, the update brings in specific new features as follow:

Quickword — edit/format text in tables; floating contextual toolbar; insert/remove images from camera and gallery; paragraph alignment; find and replace; text-to-speech; web lookup; quick scroll in page layout; edit text in page layout; and scrollable application toolbar with shortcuts Quicksheet — shortcuts to math calculations; insert/remove rows and columns; find and replace; add, remove and rename worksheets; cell alignment; follow and edit hyperlinks; display additional charts; and scrollable application toolbar Quickpoint — insert, remove and rearrange slides; inline text editing on a slide; insert, remove and resize images; move/resize shapes; edit speaker notes; follow hyperlinks; select and format text and scrollable application toolbar

If you haven’t given Quickoffice Pro a try yet, the app is available from the Android Market for $7.99. It could easily become one of your most useful Android apps especially if you’re line of work entails mobile file editing and creation while on the move.

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