Raiders Of The Fridge

This is not the title or a new superhero movie. Like we do not already have a lot of them. Neither is it the name of a latest online casino game. Raiders of fridge is the term that is being used to describe the people that frequent the fridge for snacks. By regular we do not mean once or twice a day. We mean getting up in the night to find food, some more than two times

Some people have medical conditions that demand that they eat after short intervals. This is very different from the haphazard act of raiding the fridge. The action is associated with eating disorders. At times the people actually raid the fridge. Referring to the un-welcome way they force themselves into someone else’s refrigerated food store.

When done without the permission of the owner of the fridge the act takes on a new life. It can then be described as stealing. Although some people understand the psychology behind the act and respond kindly. Others react in violent ways which end up with the perpetrator of the crime being embarrassed. Do you know that you can play your online casino game anywhere and anytime, nowadays there are internet casinos everything is advanced.

Somehow humans have managed to equate physical loss with emotional damage. Two obviously very different things. This is because we choose to punish people emotionally for crimes which result in only physical damage to property.

It has now been scientifically proven that people that wake up two or three times at night to night suffer from neurochemical disorders. Their body levels of hormones which regulate the internal body condition are not stable. Particularly the hormones that are produced due to stress.

To counter the effects of this hormone the body then begins to crave carbohydrates. The carbs provide the body with enough stimuli to produce serotonin. This hormone induces sleep.

Researchers are really beginning to think the condition is related more to body performance instead of state of mind. Strong indicators show that raiding the fridge is a physical disorder. So next time you get mad at someone raiding your fridge know that you are getting mad at a disabled person for being disabled. Food for thought.





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