Raise your Perception with the Star Wars Jedi Training game for Android

Everyone who loves Star Wars has dreamed of being a Jedi at some point in their lives. If you’re one of those dreamers you’ll appreciate the Star Wars Jedi Training game from the folks at NicelyDone. Star Wars Jedi Training will help to raise your perception as you use the power of the Force to become the top Jedi around. You’ll do this by defeating remote shots by aiming for the red dot when you see it on the screen. You can swipe it or tap it, either way you just need to destroy it as the remote shots obviously shoot at you which isn’t good. You’re given the choice of three different weapons to use with your inner strength (finger), your saber or a double light saver. There are also 3 different areas to test your skills with Dagobah, the Millennium Falcon, and the Death Star. Star Wars Jedi Training also offers up a leaderboard of sorts that keeps track of your best marks locally and online.


Star Wars Jedi Training is a nice little quick play game that makes good use of the Star Wars universe. Maybe a little too good in some spots so I hope it doesn’t get yanked from the market as we’ve seen it happen many times. Either way, the game’s pretty cool and I think any Star Wars fan will appreciate it. It won’t help you master the force, kill clones or even force George Lucas into giving us a proper Blu-ray set, but it will let you have some light saber wielding fun. You can pick up NicelyDone’s Star Wars Jedi Training for free on Google Play.

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