Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is Out for Grabs on Pre-Order

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom The long expected Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is now available on pre-order, in the European Union for the time being. But don’t worry, because soon enough it will hit the US markets too, don’t you think? For now, if you’re an EU resident, you can pre-order the S4 Zoom from the German retailer, but you must keep in mind the hefty price tag of the device, of 499 euros. In real money, this translates in roughly 600$ but you must know that in the European Union everything is more expensive, gas is like 8 dollars/Gallon, can you imagine that? For example, a safe bet is that when the S4 Zoom will hit the US market, it will have a price tag of 499$ free of contract, tops. If you check out the picture below, you can see the white version of the S4 Zoom, featuring LTE  connectivity, priced at 500 euros plus shipping costs on pre-order : Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a very interesting device from the Korean company, it reminds me of Nokia’s 808 PureView symbian smartphone, one of my all time favorites. S4 Zoom is a mid-ranged droid with an excellent camera sensor, making a dedicated camera somehow obsolete. While the Nokia 808 PureView was a completely new device, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is based on the best selling high end smartphone, sharing basically the same platform  plus a true digicam on the back panel. The main difference is that the S4 Zoom’s tech specs were downgraded, it  has just a dual core processor, instead of a quad core, clocked at 1.5 GHz and only 8 GB of internal storage.The  RAM amount was slightly downgraded too, the Zoom has 1.5 GB instead of 2 GB, like the regular S4. The display is 4.3 inches wide with a resolution of 960×540 pixels. Obviously, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom runs on Android 4.2.2 JellyBean. Enthusiasts will surely appreciate the 16 Megapixels camera, which has a cool 10x optical zoom, OIS (optical image stabilization) and F/3.1-F/6.3 lens. Source : gforgames  

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