Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom official: specs, features, pricing and release date

Galaxy S4 Zoom

The handset will come with some interesting camera features as well, including a Zoom Ring, which will let users easily access the camera features. The In-Call Photo Share feature will let them instantly capture and send images via MMS to the person they’re talking to.

Photo Suggest is a feature that “instantly connects you to huge libraries of images taken by fellow photographers” to help out with photo composion and photo location.

Smart Mode and Smart Mode Suggest features will help users take better shots without worrying too much about the technical stuff that may otherwise get in the way.

On top of those, other TouchWiz features available in various of Samsung’s recent Android devices are to be expected.

Pricing and release date

Unsurprisingly, Samsung left out launch details from the official press release, and we have no pricing for the Galaxy S4 Zoom at this time. We expect to see availability details arrive in the following days, especially since Samsung has a special London-based June 20 media event during which some of its most recent products will also be presented.

Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung on Wednesday announced the latest member of the Galaxy S4 family, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, confirming recent rumors and leaks in the process.

Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom

We’ll be back with more news on this camera phone, but meanwhile let us know what you think of it.

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