SHOULDERPOD is a really cool smartphone accessory for taking better pictures and video


One of the great things about modern smartphones is that we have pretty great cameras bundled in. We love to take photos, share them with friends on social media, and capture a quick video for posterity. In the modern age of Ultrapixels and 20 megapixel cameras in devices, we’ll want to transcend the casual photography we’ve been enjoying.

That’s where projects like SHOULDERPOD come in. A catch-all for better photography, SHOULDERPOD can do just about anything you ask of it. If you want to mount it to a tripod, no problem. Ever wish you had a handle for your phone? They’ve got you covered. The aim is for us to take better pictures and video, and devices like this make our smartphones more agile for accomplishing that.

If you’re worried about it fitting your device, don’t. Unless you will have the upcoming Sony Xperia Z Ultra, SHOULDERPOD is adjustable to fit just about any device. It also looks like it grips well, so we won’t have to worry too much about drops. The accompanying handle makes for a more ergonomic experience, so taking videos one handed should be much easier.

Some are concerned about campaigns like this, as there is an underlying risk. We worry about seeing a return on our investment, but the crew behind SHOULDERPOD have vowed to only take the money if they reach their goal. From their Indiegogo campaing page:

Indiegogo will retain all the funds and will only give us the money at the end of the campaign if we succeed. If that occurs, we will manufacture the MOBBOs and the HANDDOs and will ship them to you by the end of November. In case we don’t reach our goal, then you will get your money back, we will not receive a cent and the project will not be done.

If this intrigues you, as it does us, please check out their campaign and donate. We like that it’s adjustable, meaning we can still use it when we update our device — so long as we don’t upsize too much.

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Via: Android Authority

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