Skype video messaging is out of beta, and free to use

Skype video messaging update

Do you Skype? Whether it be for work, or to catch up with family, the Hangouts challenger is widely popular. If you’ve ever wished you could leave a video message for someone, Skype now has you covered.

The feature, which is currently in the Android app, allows you to take video up to three minutes long to send along to other Skypers. Once they log in to the service, your video message is ready for viewing. This function has been in beta for a while, but is now ready for prime time, and is available across all platforms.

The video below illustrates the new feature really well, and we see all kinds of use cases that would make this attractive. The service was limited to 20 messages for those who use Skype for free, while unlimited video messaging requires a premium membership. That’s no longer the case, as Skype has scrapped that model, allowing the world to video message at their whim.

Oddly enough, there is no Windows Phone support for the new feature. We find that strange since, you know, Microsoft owns Skype. Scroogled, anyone?

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Via: Android Authority

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