Slice package tracking Android app update, adds new email services, tracking tools and more

When I covered Slice Android app in another blog that I’m contributing for I was amazed by how good and useful the app was especially for those who are into online shopping. But I never had the chance to report it here on our site. So now that the app was updated to version 2.0, allow me to tell you more about Slice Android app and the new features that came with the update. Simply put, Slice is an Android app that helps you understand your online spending style by giving you with a snapshot of your online shopping fingerprint.It makes online shopping easier and more enjoyable. The app makes sense of your shopping history by automatically pulling information from the electronic receipts in your email. These information include shipping notifications, tracking numbers, return policies, and customer service information and then compiles all these in one quick, easy reference. You can then use Slice Android app to automatically track all your in-progress shipments, receive notifications when your package has shipped or arrived and get instant access to return and customer service information. It also sends you price drop alerts when a purchase you’ve made is eligible for refund. With version 2.0 of the app, the following new features were added:

  • Add Any Package: Want to make sure the life-sized portrait of your best friend and her new husband you had commissioned for their wedding or the pair of jeans you’re shipping back for return get there safely? Slice now lets you track your personal shipments, too. Just type in the tracking number or, easier still, use your smartphone to scan the shipping barcode on an outbound package with Slice’s new integrated barcode reader.
  • Hello AOL, iCloud and Hotmail: AOL, iCloud and Hotmail users can now join their Yahoo! and Gmail counterparts in enjoying all that Slice has to offer.
  • Guest Account: Want to give Slice’s package tracking a quick try before creating an account? Simply download the app, enter in the packages being shipped and Slice will keep track of them for you as they travel to your doorstep.

Slice Android app is available now as a free download on Google Play. If online shopping is part of your life, you’ll be better off having this as one of the Android apps on your device.

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