Sneeze your way through Space in Paper Galaxy from Liquid Entertainment

Paper Galaxy is a quirky new Android game from the minds at Liquid Entertainment. It’s the story of a curious Moon named Luna that’s come down with a cold and has a horrible case of the sneezes… Paper Galaxy is a game set in the far reaches of space where you’ll take control of a sneezing little moon named Luna. As you’d expect, this is a pretty big deal as Moon’s are pretty massive and a sneezing moon would pack a powerful punch. Therein lies the problem as Luna has sneezed herself into an extremely angry Crab Nebula and now you’re going to have to help her get back home by sneezing your way back to good ol’ Earth collecting stars along the way. Needless to say you’re going to encounter a zany bunch of characters along the way and the game’s got some depth with over 120 upgrades and 100+ in-game goals to go along with its Story and Frolic Modes. Paper Galaxy is just the type of game I like to see floating around out there in the wilds of Google Play. It’s original, the graphics and characters are cute without overdoing it, and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. While there’s no free version available at this time, the full version of Liquid Entertainment’s Paper Galaxy is a deal at only $0.99.

Paper Galaxy

Liquid Entertainment

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