Sony Reveals 2 New Android Walkman Players :the ZX 1 and the F880

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Whenever you think that your iPod is cool, the alfa and omega like, you’re forgetting one basic fact : before Apple and the iPod “revolution”, the Sony Walkman ruled the world!

I remember those cassette player Sony Walkmans since the 90’s, yes, I am that old folks. And the first Walkman was invented back in 1978, when Steve Jobs was still thinking about what to steal from other companies. Strike that, I meant innovate.

The Sony Walkman is one of the oldest brands in the music industry and it used to be synonymous with “portable music players”.

If you’re a Sony fan, you are very familiar with the excellent audio quality output of their smartphones, because yes, they’re all using the Walkman audio player.

For all the Android lovers out there, I have some good news: just a few days ago, Sony announced two new members in the Walkman family, 2 stand-alone portable music players : the ZX 1 and the F880.

android zx1

The Sony ZX1 is the high-end model, it comes with an impressive 128 GB of storage capacity (built in flash memory), it supports 24 bit/196 kHz audio playback and it can play almost everything you throw at it : FLAC, ALAC, MP3, you name it.  For an enhanced audio quality output, the ZX1 uses  a new proprietary technology by Sony, the S-Master HX Amplifier.

The front panel of the ZX1harbors a 4 inches wide display with  854×480 pixels resolution, it features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, support for the Google Play Store and last but not least, the Walkman runs on Android 4.1.

android f880

The cheaper variant for those of you on a tight budget is the Sony F880. This baby comes with the majority of the features of its “smarter” sibling, but with a smaller display (3.5 inches wide) and a reduced internal storage capacity (you have multiple options : 16 gb, 32 gb,64 gb).

What I enjoy most about  the F880 is the wide choice of colors available : black, white, blue and pink. The ZX1 is the serious cat of the bunch, it is available in just one color, as pictured.

Both Android running Walkmans will be available starting with October 19’th, initially in Japan.




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