SpeakToIt Android App is an Unpolished Version of SIRI Voice Assistant for iPhone

Overview In case you’re not aware, Apple is shipping out the iPhone 4S tomorrow. In fact, as of last report, Apple said that it has already received 1M pre-orders for the iPhone 4S during the first 24 hours right after it was launch. You want to know what’s the major selling factor of the iPhone 4S? It’s that pretty nifty feature called SIRI, the personal voice assistant for iPhone 4S. It’s an exclusive for the iPhone 4S, so don’t even wish for it to come to Android. But if you want to experience how SIRI works, you can do so by checking out this Android app called SpeakToIt. Yes, it’s a lot like SIRI for iPhone 4S. Although based on the previews of SIRI that I’ve watched, and after using SpeakToIt for Android, I can say that SpeakToIt is a little off line and unpolished as compared to SIRI. Still, SpeakToIt’s basic features pretty much gives you almost the same experience as SIRI. According to the app’s description from the Android Market, SpeakToIt is your talking buddy for your Android smartphone. It answers your question, perform tasks, and sends you notifications. Based on my initial testing of the app, SpeakToIt lets you find information, launch apps, and connect you with various web services such as Google, Facebook, and many others. The app can pull out your phone’s maps, search for news and images, look up weather reports, convert currency and pretty much perform tasks that your Android phone normally does through touch or swipe controls. This time, the app lets you do all those things via natural language – using your voice. How the App Works So after installing the app and firing it up for the first time, your personal assistant will come out on your Android phone’s screen. The default image of the app’s personal assistant is a pretty blonde or brunette girl. You can change the assistant’s appearance anytime you want to.  Unlike SIRI, you can change the voice of your personal assistant through SVOX or Loquendo TTS. Once you’ve spoken what you want the personal assistant to do, the app will display the text version of your message. The personal assistant will interpret your statement if it was able to capture your voice when your were speaking. The hit rate of the app when it comes to recognizing voice is a hit or miss. But once it captures your voice pretty well, it will then speak its interpretation of what you’ve just said – then execute the corresponding commands.       Conclusion As I mentioned, the app works pretty well and is comparable with SIRI. But it is still in beta version so hopefully improvements to the app will be introduced in future updates. But as it is right now, if you want to experience the SIRI feature but you’re not too keen on getting the iPhone 4S – this app will suffice for now. SpeakToIt is available now as a free download from the Android Market. via [Telegraph UK]    

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