Sprint HTC EVO 4G Breaks Launch Day Sale Record

With all the hype surrounding the first 4G phone on the Sprint network, it is no surprise the phone was a hit with Sprint customers.  According to a report released by Sprint, the HTC EVO 4G shattered the single day phone sale record for a Sprint phone.  Previously, the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct held the honor of being the best selling Sprint phone. Here’s an interesting piece of information from Sprint: the HTC EVO 4G sold three times the amount of the Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre combined over their first three days. It has been hard for 22,000 Sprint, Wal-Mart, RadioShack, and Best Buy retail stores to keep up with the consumer demand for the latest Sprint Android phone.   And like with many hot selling smartphones, Sprint will need to up production of the HTC phone, as they already face temporary shortages.  The good news is that Sprint is working closely with HTC in order to provide daily shipments of the phone to as many retailers as possible. DIntroducing the EVO 4G - Get Exclusive Pricing As long as Sprint can keep up with consumer demand, their smartphone will definitely be a hit for current customers and even new customers.  The HTC Droid Incredible on the Verizon network has experienced shortage after shortage definitely hurting phone sales in the long term. Feel free to let us know in the comments whether you had any trouble getting the HTC EVO 4G.

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