Take out some Frustrations with Kick the Boss for Android

There are a lot of Android Apps and Games out there that deal with stress relief, and most of them deal with smacking folks around. Kick the Boss from Game Hive Corporation is one such game, and it truly makes kicking the old boss around quite a bit of fun. Kick the Boss lets you take out your daily woes on a small mustachioed man in a suit… aka “The Boss”. The boss sits in his little room, being smug with his little mustache and suit occasionally spouting things like “Damn You” and farting while he sits there waiting for his beating. As Kick the Boss is a ragdoll physics game of sorts you can simply pick your boss up and fling him across the room, bounce him off the ceiling, etc… If you’re looking to be a bit more brutal no worries as Kick the Boss has plenty of implements to use. There are a lot of different weapons to choose from any they vary greatly from simple Thumbtacks and Knives to Flu Viruses, Tanks, and Energy Swords. Using these implements is as simple as unlocking them and throwing them at your crude little Boss. You do earn a little cash from beating on the Boss, but if you want a certain type of weapon early on you can always buy coins and pick it up quicker. You also get daily rewards as well so every day that you log in you’ll get some coins and a few hearts.


Kick the Boss is a simple little game that simply a lot of fun. It may the mindless fun, but it’s fun nonetheless and a great way to release a little stress if you’re sitting around the office trying to look busy. Kick the Boss also has a whopping 80 weapons to choose from so there’s no shortage of ways to “Kick the Boss” or implements to use on him. If you’re in need of a little stress relief you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Game Hive’s Kick the Boss for free.

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