The Tech World Is Making Life Easier for Everyone: But Is It?

 Life has become pretty simple compared to the past, and all thanks go to the tech advancements that continue to grow.  Everyone seems to enjoy it because who would not want to complete any task with a click of a button?

Technology is good, and it goes all the way to show that man has adapted and mastered his environment by finding the best ways to overcome his challenges. While everyone is talking about how the present highly tech-dependent world is wonderful and how it has made life very easy, no one seems to be bothered by the negative side of it.

Consider the following:

Tech addiction has made people live in a world of illusion

In today’s world, real living is something that is slowly becoming hard to come by.  While you can reach out to as many people as you can through the various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, there is little chance that you will ever get to meet those people in real life.

Although it is convenient and entertaining to scroll down, like, share and comment on other peoples post, this is something that will only immerse you in your device, rob you of energy and focus,  and meanwhile the real world is just passing you by without you being part of it.

What is the need to post pictures of a beautiful place that you never spend the time to enjoy at all?


Overdependence on technology

The best thing that modern tech has brought to the world is greater efficiency in doing business. Education can happen on a global scale without having to move from one classroom to another, thanks to the computers and the internet, agriculture is now automated, medical discoveries are saving lives and the way of doing business is transforming.

If you run a business, you know that you can manage your human resource better by using online employee time tracking software such as Clockspot.

These are the best examples of how technology is making life easier for many people. The problem comes with increased dependency whereby if a device is broken, no work can go on unless it is repaired.

Furthermore, you may have realized that technology has made people lazy and the culture of hard work is slowly fading away.


Technology can be dangerous

To realize the dangers of tech especially in the communication sector, you need to see someone sending a text message while crossing the road. Others take the dangerous route of taking selfies on highly dangerous places that have led to fatalities.

Age inappropriate tech especially video games for children can cause severe mental problems like depression, distraction, anxiety, apathy, and other thought disorders.

Addiction to the internet and video games for teens have been associated with aggressive behavior, depression and drug abuse a situation that is very dangerous to the young generation.

This is why the biggest tech addiction problems that kids and teens face today is the internet, video games, and the social media which are all products of modern tech advancements.

When it comes to improving the economy, the use of technology is imperative because it can produce more output than humans, especially in the industries. This is something ideal for business people and everyone, but you should understand that tech advancements are not always a bed of roses.

It has led to the loss of societal values as people become unfamiliar with the art of conversation and instead develop rudeness and bad language. So, although you may be enjoying the benefits of tech, you should always look out for the negatives and try to avoid them.


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