Test your Knowledge with the Video Games Quiz for Android

video.games.quiz-android We cover a lot of games, so it’s only natural we take a look at a new trivia game about video games. Video Games Quiz is Screenshot_2013-06-17-00-06-58the latest from the Undercoders, and if variety is what you’re after it’s a game you’ll want to check out. Video Games Quiz takes you on a nostalgic journey through the age of video games. You’ll have to guess games from a lot of different systems, and there’s a lot of variety so you’re bound to be stumped sooner or later. So far I’ve seen games from Gameboy, NES, Arcade, Genesis, Mobile, and SNES just to name a few. Each question requires you to look at a screenshot from a game before typing an answer. If you get stuck, you Screenshot_2013-06-17-00-10-55can use coins to buy a clue or ask friends for help via Facebook or Twitter. The layout is easy to navigate as well. Video Games Quiz has 11 levels with 30 games per level, and over 450 games in all. Video Games Quiz is a solid trivia game, and it should be a nice challenge for gamers. There’s a lot of variety across systems and genres so everyone will recognize something regardless of the types of games they play. Video Games Quiz is free, but ad-supported although they can be removed through an in-app purchase. If you’re ready to test your video game knowledge, you can hit up the link below and snag the Undercoders Video Games Quiz.

Video Games Quiz

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