The original Metal Slug is finally available for Android

SNK Playmore has just brought is classic side-scrolling shooter Metal Slug game to the Google Play store. Take note that this is the original Metal Slug game and not to be confused with Metal Slug 3 which came first on the Google Play store. Arcade fanatics will surely remember Metal Slug as one of the best shooters that hit the arcade. Admit it, you’ve played this game before, right? For its Android iteration, Metal Slug brings in most of the features and gameplay that we’ve come to love in the original NEOGEO game. There’s the classic Arcade Mode which according to SNK Playmore is a perfect conversion of the game. There’s also the Mission Mode which allows you yo select in which stage you want to play. The game also lets you train yourselves in your favorite stages or those which give you the hardest time. Like in the original Metal Slug, this Android version also gives you special items from prisoners of war that you save along the way. You can also use the multipurpose tank otherwise known as of course – the Metal Slug. Along the way, you can evade enemy attacks via squatting and jumping, or ram your slug into enemy troops. Other features of Metal Slug Android include – precise control schemes, autofire feature, and cooperative mode via Bluetooth. Metal Slug is now available from Google Play store for $2.17.  

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