The Top 3 Drawing Apps for Android

A lot of people love to draw or doodle and touch-screen devices are a great platform to use for that. There have been plenty of Android apps that let you draw, paint, or stamp on pictures, but we wanted to make a list of the best “drawing” apps. This will be one of the shortest Tops lists we’ve done, but we really wanted to narrow the field and each of these apps brings something different to the table. Without further ado, here are our Top 3 Drawing apps for Android…

1. SketchBook Mobile

Number one with a bullet is SketchBook Mobile from Autodesk. This is the app to have if you want to draw on the go, and you can make some crazy illustrations with the program. SketchBook Mobile gives you 40+ preset brushes, layer control, and customizable brush settings; while anyone can use these tools they are definitely geared toward the pros over the joes. There are 4 different version of the app available with SketchBook Express, SketchBook Mobile Express, SketchBook Mobile, and SketchBook Pro so be sure to read the descriptions and get the copy that’s right for your device. SketchBook Mobile is everything a pro-grade illustration app should be, and anyone serious about illustrating on their Android device should check it out.

2. Sketch n Draw

Sketch n Draw is a great sketching tool from Abhishek Kumar that works for Pro’s and beginners alike. It comes with 11 brushes (and eraser), has multiple canvas sizes, an Alpha scale, undo/redo, and a color picker. You can also save your art to your SD card or share it through Facebook, E-mail, and all the other usual methods.  It’s geared more towards casual use, but you can really make some outstanding drawings with the app, and it’s a breeze to use. Sketch n Draw is also a newer app, so I’m anxious to see what Abhishek has in store for future versions. You can snag Sketch n Draw in the Android market for free.

3. Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is a new digital sketchpad app for tablets that lets you create vector art while you’re on the go. As its Adobe, the app itself looks great and there are some insanely good features as well like 50-level undo/redo, vector eraser, and variable-sized brushes via multi-touch controls. You can also take your work into Photoshop or Illustrator for some fine tuning if need be. As cool as Adobe Ideas is, it is missing a few key features and it is pretty expensive. It was just released so I’m sure Adobe will iron out the kinds, and regardless of any shortcomings its still the best Vector Art app out there. If you’ve got a tablet and want to give it a go, you can get Adobe Ideas in the market for $9.99.

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