Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – March 12, 2012

1. MLB At Bat 12

As summer approaches so does baseball season and you can get in on all the action early with MLB At Bat 12 for Android. The app lets you get in on all the action from live the spring training games and keeps you up to date with news about your favorite team. There is a lite version of the app that gives you all of the above while the $14.99 Pro version lets you utilize your MLB.TV account for even more fun. Both versions of the app can be found on Google Play.

2. Roku Remote App

If you own a Roku Streaming media player you’ll be happy to know that the company finally put out an official app a little over a week ago. The Roku app let’s you control your Roku box right from your Android device; it’s free, easy to use, and is a must-have app if you own a Roku.

3. Tote Notes

Tote Notes is a cool new Android app from Mercury Mobile that makes taking notes a breeze. The app lets you make quick and easy voice recordings and when you’re done Tap Notes will send a transcript of your notes to your email. It’s a very handy app to have if you make a lot of business calls and it’s available in lite & full versions on Google Play.

4. Photo 360°

Photo 360° is a new Android app that lets you take panoramic 360 degree photos by simply turning a circle. Unlike other photo apps, Photo 360° records your picture instead of stitching it together and it even adds audio for a little extra flair. Great app for shutterbugs and you can get it for free on Google Play.

5. NCAA March Madness Live

Every year when March roles around it means one thing for sports fans… March Madness. If you’re a basketball fan you’ll be pleased to know Turner Sports has just released the official NCAA March Madness Live App for Android. The app lets you check scores, fill out and follow brackets and listen to live game radio. You get all that and more for free, but if you pay $3.99 via an in-app purchase you can actually watch all 67 games LIVE right from your device. It’s a must have app if you’re into the tournament and you can pick it up for free on Google Play

6. Pick Pic Camera

Pick Pic Camera is a new photo app from Sony DNA that lets you pick the best picture every time. Instead of taking 1 picture, the app takes 3; one when you press the button and the other two coming before and after the button’s pressed. The app also utilizes voice cues to get folks attention, and is a breeze to use. You can find Sony DNA’s Pick Pic Camera on Google Play for $2.49.

7. Zombie Virus Live Wallpaper

We haven’t had any Live Wallpaper’s in our list in awhile, but we’re breaking that trend with a new one called Zombie Virus from Central Core Studios. If you’ve ever wondered what the Zombie Virus looks like, wonder no more as this Live Wallpaper will show you just that. The free version gives you one viral feed to view while the paid version adds two more for $1.49.

8. Babylon Translator

If you’ve ever needed to translate some text on your Android device Babylon Translator might be just the thing for you. The app can translate multiple languages when you’re reading an email, article or any other text and it also has copy/paste translation for instant results. There were a few things a little off in my brief experience with the app, but for the most part it worked well and had great translations. You can pick up Babylon Translator for free on Google Play.

9. GO Weather Widget

The GO Weather Widget is great looking widget designed by the Go team exclusively for Go Launcher EX. It’s a widget that displays the weather so there’s not much to say except for the fact that it’ll look great on your homescreen. You can pick up the GO Weather widget for free at Google Play.

10. Solar Charger

This one’s a last minute entry as I literally just stumbled across it when drafting this article. Solar Charger is an Android App from Szlab that will charge your cell phone using the power of the sun and nothing else. Yup, you read that right and while I haven’t had a chance to run it (raining here) judging by the market comments it actually works. I’ll report more on this one as soon as the weather clears up, until then you can check it out for yourself of Google Play.

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