Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – August 5, 2012

We’re back again with another edition of Top Apps of the Week, and while it was a bit slow this week there we’re still some good ones to choose from. Without further ado, here are our picks for the Top 10 New Android Games of the Week August 5, 2012 edition…

1. MyMeds

Medicine is important for many reasons, but mainly because it makes you feel better when you’re sick. Remembering to actually take your medicine is a whole different story however, but that can change thanks to MyMeds for Android. MyMeds lets you keep track or you and your family’s medication so you’ll never forget to take it again. You can check out MyMeds for free on Google Play.

2. Slices for Twitter

If you use Twitter chances are you don’t just use the official app, and if you like trying new Twitter apps you’ll want to check out Slices for Twitter. Slices lets you easily manage your Twitter account; it looks awesome and is very, very easy to use. We’ll have more on this app later in the week, but for now I highly advise you to pick up Slices for Twitter if you do a lot of Tweeting.

3. Tablified Market HD

If you have a tablet it can be a hassle to find good apps, but if you have an app like Tablified Market HD it becomes much, much easier. The Tablified Market HD brings you the best Apps & Games around; it looks great and it’s easy to navigate as well. You can pick up the Tablified Market HD App for free on Google Play.

4. Pictarine

It’s not a Top 10 list unless we include a photo app or some sort and this week we enjoyed one called Pictarine. This app lets you view photos from your social networks, and it works like a charm. You can read more about Pictarine here or download it and check it out for yourself from Google Play.

5. inSSIDer

If you have issues with your WiFi Network (who doesn’t) an app like inSSIDer can really help you out. This handy little app helps you choose the best channel for your wireless network which means you’re going to have a better signal and a better time on the internet. The app works perfectly and is highly recommended if you have issues with your WiFi setup.

6. Pen Sketch

Pen Sketch is a new Android app that will turn your pictures into a freehand drawing on canvas. There are several different adjustments you can make like ink saturation and color picking, and best of all it’s free and easy to use. You can pick up ArchDesign’s Pen Sketch for free on Google Play.

7. Moped

Like to message? If you do there are a lot of choices out there and you can now add a little app called Moped to that list. Moped is an easy to use private messaging service that lets you send messaged to others from your desktop or mobile device. It has a very clean layout, and it’s free to download on Google Play.

8. Smart Settings

As our smartphones become more advanced, and our OS gets updated we’ve got more settings to manage. That’s where an app like Smart Settings can come in handy as it allows you to automate and optimize all the important setting on your smartphone. I haven’t tried this one out yet, but it looks to be a good one and you can get it for free on Google Play.

9. Notty Note

There are times when you just need to jot down a quick note which is where a note taking app like Notty Note can come in handy. Notty Note lets you simply create notes without going through a dozen menus, and it lets you manage them just as easy. It’s easy to use, and it’s totally free so if you’re looking for a new note taking app you’ll definitely want to give Notty Note a look.

10. London 2012 Live Wallpaper

If you’re in an Olympic kind of mood there are plenty of apps and games to keep busy, but there’s also a live wallpaper that’s pretty slick called the London 2012 Live Wallpaper from Sports Wallpaper Corp. This fancy LWP shows you some cool scenes of London and will keep you in the spirit of the games even after they’ve ended. You can check out the London 2012 LWP on Google Play for free.

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