Top 10 Productivity Android Apps

1. Evernote

King of the android productivity apps.  Evernote is a simple app designed to help users with their everyday tasks. This includes helping to stay organised, creating and sharing notes, jotting down reminders, and many other features that assist in making day to day life easier. Also, users aren’t only limited to text, but can also record in images and audio as well. Evernote is free to download.

2. Dropbox

This amazing productivity app basically allows you to sync almost any file from your mobile (or laptop) so that you can easily access your information across computers or mobile devices. This allows users to share large files with others, such as video or large pictures, that would be too big to be uploaded through normal email. It also means that if your android device is lost or stolen, files have been backed up that you can access from anywhere.  This app is free to users.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is another powerful android productivity app that utilizes cloud technology to make files available from a wide range of devices. Some of the useful features include the ability to instantly share edits between users and optimization for tablets. A great productivity app for users who need to access and edit files on the go, Google Drive is also free.

4. Springpad

Springpad is a type of virtual notebook, but what nets it rave reviews are the added features. Springpad not only records your information, but also collects other information relevant to what has been saved and helps you to take action on these items. Also, Spingpad comes with offline access, for those users who aren’t always online. This app utilises a rich background and graphics in order to deliver a unique user experience. This app is free.

5. Astrid

Astrid is one of the most popular to do list android apps. Some of its features including creating tasks and tagging them to make organisation easier, adding notes, and setting alarms. To add to all of this, Astrid is open source, meaning that those comfortable with app development can contribute towards improving this product. Astrid is free, although there are two other versions, which cost $1.49 and $3.49 respectively.

6. Remember The Milk

This useful app ensures that you will remember the milk, and everything else! It boasts an exceptional quick add feature, as well sending out an alert when users are near to a task location. It alsosyncs with its online component to make sure that notes, reminders and other information are backed up.  Remember The Milk is free.

7. Jorte Calendar

Jorte boasts of being one of the most popular calendar/organisation apps, but its sensible design also supports its inclusion on any list of android top productivity apps. Not only can this app sync with Google Calendar, but many of the functions can also be easily customised. Of course, you can also sync Jorte with the cloud, meaning that you can keep updated on your schedule even if you’re away from your phone. Jorte is available for free.

8. Astro File Manager

It would be nearly impossible to leave this app out on a list of top 10 android apps. It allows you to organise, browse and explore your android files and folders. Other nifty abilities include a power monitoring features which lets you see which apps are draining your battery, and support for many popular apps such as Dropbox and Facebook photos to make the management of files on other sites even easier. While the main version is free, a key can be bought to remove ads for $3.99.

9. Skitch

Skitch is an innovate app that uses pictures and other visual based methods of taking notes and communicating. You can add notes or drawings to existing images, or start from blank to sketch your ideas. You can use these notes or drawings to explain an image or do things like annotate maps or webpages. Skitch is available to download for free.

10. Quickoffice Pro

Designed for those who need to work on the go, Quickoffice allows android users to edit their Microsoft office documents straight from the phone or tablet. There is also the ability to sync your documents to other cloud based apps like Dropbox or Evernote. Quickoffice Pro costs $4.99, while the HD tablet version costs $9.99.

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