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When it comes to gaming, you want to ensure that the Internet Service Provider you have chosen is fulfilling your needs and you rarely acts up. Let’s face it if there’s one thing no gamer can ever comprehend of going through then that would be sudden lag in the internet and embarrassment in front of the rest of their gaming counterparts.

Especially, now when you can play your favorite video games online, there is no chance you would want to settle for an internet that is only about compromised speeds and a lot of unhappy experiences.

Globally, the highest level of frustration faced by gamers is when there is a lag in the while downloading the game files and there is only one factor to be blamed for this – the internet. Long story short, the need of using a high-speed internet is as real as it could get and if you’re not taking a much-deserved time in doing your research for a reliable internet connection, then, things might inevitably go pretty awry.

Have you heard of AT&T’s super-fast internet, which has been specifically designed to meet all your gaming needs? That’s right, if you spend most of your time gaming then AT&T high-speed internet is surely about to make you the best gamer. With no data caps and gamer-certified speeds, your gaming experiences are about to turn into some of the best ones! However, if you’re still planning to keep your internet choices very much open, then allow us to jot down some of the top internet service providers in the country, so you can enjoy the best speeds, without experiencing any regional limitation.


AT&T offers a fiber-backed internet to all you gamers out there. Whether you game to kill time or your game to keep your fan-following happy, juice your gaming console with AT&T’s super-fast internet connection and game to your heart’s content! AT&T’s Fiber internet is worth the shot because of its reliability, which means, that your internet will rarely be down and its performance will only get better with time.

AT&T gives you

  • Up to 940 Mbps speeds
  • High-quality Fiber-backed connections
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds


The second one on our list is known for its unprecedented speed and performance. Xfinity is a smooth sailor when it comes to providing a glitch-free internet experience. Well, why wouldn’t it? With gigabit Pro, you can get speeds up to even 2000 Mbps (in selected areas for now though). Xfinity will turn all your gaming-related dreams (if you have any) into reality.

Xfinity is known for

  • Contract-free internet options
  • Blazing-fast internet speeds starting from 100+ Mbps


Frontier is yet another ideal contender for all your gaming needs. Frontier has some awesome internet speeds that aren’t only fast, but also, super symmetrical. Among all the other fiber-powered internet connections on our list, Frontier means business. If you want an internet connection that is not only good at performance, but also possesses prime qualities such as no data caps, then Frontier can be your ultimate pick. What acts as the cherry on top for Frontier is it is extremely affordable and readily available too.

Frontier is what you need, because:

  • Extremely affordable internet plans
  • Fiber-backed internet connections
  • No hidden data caps

Verizon Fios

If there’s an internet connection that’s known for its speeds along with highly-commendable customer service, then Verizon Fios is up for grabs! Every gamer never, ever wants to encounter the dreaded ‘No Internet Access’ situation and if the connection is Verizon, then things will never go sour, that’s a promise!

Verizon internet speeds start from 200 Mbps and can reach up to 940 Mbps. Besides DSL and Cable internet, Verizon offers you a fiber-backed internet connection, which means no matter how much time goes by, the quality of the internet connection will remain consistent. Plus, to meet with your gaming needs, Verizon offers the perfect upload speeds that will keep your gaming hours, free from stressful lags.

What makes Verizon our choice?

  • Super-affordable prices
  • Highly durable fiber connection
  • No hassle of contracts
  • symmetrical internet speeds

Before You Choose!

Okay, so we hope that you know which ISPs to pick. However, before you go ahead and make your decision, there are a few things that we’d like you to remember.

·       Data Caps  

Sudden limits that your ISP imposes on your internet connection, without letting you know about it. When an internet connection seems like it’s about to reach its limits, ISPs put data caps and throttle your speeds. This causes a serious slow-down at the time of gaming and everything becomes super frustrating when you ignore this.

·       Ping

Another thing to check while choosing an ISP is the ping. Go with the one that offers a low ping because in the gaming realm low ping is everything. Ping is the reaction time between the client and the game server.

·       Difference between Upload and Download Speeds

Download speed determines the rate at which you receive data from the main server. While upload speed represents the rate at which data is sent to the internet, something that’s crucial in gaming.

All Things Concluded

The Internet is undoubtedly the most important thing we all can’t possibly survive without. From streaming movies in our past time to gaming, the internet has proven to be our trustworthy assistant. Long story short, internet usage has become an integral part of our lives. Thus, if you want to experience the internet like it’s meant to be, then choosing the right Internet Service Provider is everything. Remember one thing, picking an ISP is a decision that you don’t get to make very often, so take your time and go with the one that promises to deliver nothing but consistency.

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