Top 5 Android Apps for Rooted Phones

Everyday more people are rooting their phones to get rid of bloatware, or to get the most out of their expensive cell phone. If you frequently flash roms, you already know there are some apps you’ll always need. Here are the Top 5 Android apps for rooted phones…

ROM Manager

If you’ve ever installed a Rom on your phone, chances are you’ve used ROM Manager by ClockworkMod. It’s a great program that allows you to do a multitude of things if your phone is rooted. You can Flash your recovery, manage roms, perform backups and most importantly, flash new roms.  I’ve had this on my phone since I first rooted it, and couldn’t live without it. There are free and paid versions available in the market.

Kernel Manager Lite

Kernel Manager is a great new program that will let you find & flash custom kernels. It’s pretty much Rom Manager, but for Kernels. The program supports many rooted devices and will download the kernel, flash it and clear out your caches. Tried this out a few days ago, and it works like a charm. It’s a must have if you like to try different custom kernels. Kernel Manager is available in free and pro versions.

Battery Calibration

Battery Calibration is a great new Android application by NéMa. This program will allow you to calibrate your battery when you think it’s underperforming. You should usually calibrate after flashing a new rom, and this program will generate a clean battery-stats file for your phone. This is a whole lot easier than the old method, and best of all it’s free.


If you’ve ever wanted to overclock or underclock your phone SetCPU can do it. Besides overclocking you can set the cpu speed to change under certain conditions like when your phones asleep, charging, or you battery gets too hot. It will work with many different phones, and like all the programs on this list, you will have to be rooted. You can grab SetCPU in the market for 1.99.

Barnacle Wifi Tether

There are tons of Android apps that will let you do Wi-Fi tethering, but Barnacle is my favorite. It will turn your phone into a Wireless Ad-hoc Hotspot. It’s also open source and totally free. I’ve never had any problems tethering with this, it really works great. If you are in need of a Wi-Fi tethering app, you need to check Barnacle out.

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