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Binary options are intriguing trading methods. Thanks to Internet and web applications, it is now possible to trade in these derivatives from anywhere using smartphones. However, it is necessary to install a few binary options apps. For Android users, such apps are available in Google Play Store. Sophisticated binary options apps for Android devices allow users to deposit or withdraw money with the broker while they are moving or traveling. These activities are also facilitated to letting the smartphone user buy or sell any of the binary options trades and in general deal with their trading account. Such apps also offer analytical tools and generate required indicators, graphs, histograms, and other charts that are needed for any binary options trade.

What to look for in any mobile binary options apps?


  • Ability to execute trades instantly, especially if the user is trading in forex markets.
  • Ability to stream live charts incorporating all data needed and suggest strategies for earning profits
  • Ability providescharts and other indications to the user for identifying trading opportunity
  • Recording history of transactions for retrieving in future
  • Ability to maintain accounts, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers from banks without compromising on security
  • Compatibility with other devices at home or elsewhere
  • Language Compatibility
  • Low on power consumption
  • Easy maneuverability for accessing required data, charts, screens, etc.
  • Training material and demo module for practicing trades with live streaming
  • Profitability
  • Good support
  • Broker/app special


As of date, 5 android based binary options apps that stand out are:

  1. Anyoption

 This is one of the few Android apps for binary options trading that supports a few languages other than English. The app is well designed, so maneuverability is not an issue. Live streaming from this app is at great speed. Also, this app facilitates banking transactions and binary options trades account management. Profitability from the anyoption trading app would be in the range of 65 to 81 percent. The app special is a 25% rebate on the user’s invested principle when the option overshoots the expected loss. With this app, theuser can sell the binary options contract back, provided the expiry period is not over. Anyoption also has a separate Binary Options trading guide app which is essentially for training newbies.


  1. EZInvest Mobile Trader

The original web trader, i.e., EZ Trader has a mobile version as well. The appreciable features of this mobile app include openness to customization, and interactive charts generated in different assets be it commodities, stocks, indices, forex, etc. in real time. The app is able to furnish account balance with its details. It is also possible to browse through historical positions using this app.binary app


  1. Banc De Binary

This is an app plus brokerage platform by Banc de Binary. This site’s unique features include a daily analysis of markets, and starting bonuses, apart from ample literature on binary options trading. The advice given by the site ensures that the user earns some profits from the entire day’s transactions.



  1. Trusted Binary Trading Signals  

This app sends advice every day. It identifies trends related to binary options on social media. It also provides live streaming of different asset classes such as stocks, futures. Bonds, and equity indices across the globe. The app by Trusted Marketsfacilitates managing of all stocks or assets held and analyzing each one of them for future.


  1. Nadex

This is a derivative exchange developed by North American Derivative Exchange. It is a comparatively easy to use theapp for Android-based devices offering the usual fare.

Binary options trades are one such way to earn profits. Existing apps are undergoing atransformation so that they can be used on smartphones as well. The speed of streaming and analysis has also increased. Effectively, users can earn more profit without doing much from such devices apps and platforms.

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