Top New Android Apps of the Week – January 6, 2013

The first week of 2013 is coming to a close, and we’re back with our first Top New Android Apps of the Week list for 2013. To say new releases are slow this time of year is an understatement, but we still managed to dig up a few we think you’ll enjoy…

1. Tile Launcher Beta

Another week… another Android launcher. This week we got Tile Launcher Beta from ROB43 and I must say it’s not your typical launcher. Just one glance at the screenshot lets you know just how cool this launcher is and while it’s tagged as being in Beta it ran like a champ on my phone. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking to change up the look of your phone and it’s free to checkout on Google Play.

2. FxGuru

If you’ve ever wanted to throw an UFO in the background of a phone video or add in some big-time Hollywood special effects now’s your chance thanks to FxGuru. This handy little app provides you with a nice toolset to use Hollywood style effects on your boring old videos as it allows you to blow things up and film satellite’s crashing among other things. The free version gives you 3 effects to fool around with and if you like what you see you can buy more effects through the IAP setup.

3. Zime

Some apps help you plan while others make sure you remember. Zime from MobiSysteme does all that and more as it gives you access to all your important tasks along with your schedule in a very slick interface. Its dynamic scheduling at its finest, and the timeline is something you just have to see for yourself. It’s a great app and it’s free to download on Google Play.

4. Moments of Gratitude Journal

Feeling grateful for the good things in your life is a great way to boost your positivity, and the Moments of Gratitude Journal can boost that feeling even further. The journal lets you jot down the things your grateful for each day which gives you a timeline of positivity to look at if you’re feeling down. You can read a bit more about it here or pick it up for free on Google Play.

5. Agenda Calendar

Calendar’s come in many forms and if you’re looking for something slick yet minimal then Agenda Calendar might be right up your ally. We covered this one earlier in the week; you can read more about it here or you can head on over to Google Play and pickup Agenda Calendar for $1.99.

6. AdFree Android (Rooted Only)

Tired of ads on your Android device? If so AdFree Android is just the thing for you as it stops ads before they start by working a little magic on your system hosts file. Tested this out on my backup rooted device and it worked like a charm; it’s also free to download on Google Play, but you have to be rooted to use it.

7. Stop Watch Xtreme Free

Stop Watch Xtreme is a new, easy to use Stop Watch that lets you keep track of time while you’re on the go. It’s simple to use, works well and I actually used it to time this short paragraph I’m writing now which came out to around 16 seconds. If you need a simple solution to time things you can check out the free and paid versions of Stop Watch Xtreme on Google Play.

8. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook finally got around to releasing an actual Page Manager this week although half of us are still unable to use it. We talked about the app briefly earlier this week, and while the download count has risen dramatically this US based writer (along with a ton of others) is still getting the incompatible message. If you can use it, it looks like a great app to have and you can snag it for free on Google Play.

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