Twitter Android app update improves discover, search and notifications features

Twitter has just announced the availability of the latest updates to its Android app. The updates bring in several new features which aim to improve the Discover tab, enhanced support for search and push notifications. All said features make Twitter Android a better social networking app. The app’s Discover tab which used to help you find interesting and timely content that matters to you, now lets you see activity on Twitter for Android. The activity stream gives you updates from the people you follow, specifically – tweets they have favorited or retweeted. The tab also tells you which account the people you follow are likewise following. The activity streams appears below the redesigned stories in the Discovery tab and it now allows you to tap on any story once to see Tweets about a particular trend or news article. From there, you can read the entire story or join the conversation through replying, retweeting or favoriting related Tweets. The update also made the search feature of the app simpler. Search now lets you see suggestions for different spellings and related terms for your queries. ¬†This means that you’ll be able to find people you’re looking for faster. There’s also the Connect tab which auto completes people you follow as you type their last name or username. Finally, the update also brings in push notifications for Interactions which allows you to know immediately when your Tweets have been retweeted or favorited or when somebody new follows you on Twitter. You can then manage your push notifications settings so that you can stay connected. Via Twitter Blog

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