Twitter for Android updated, with push notifications, expanded tweets and more today has released the updated version of its Android app. The updated brings in several feature enhancements including push notifications, expanded tweets, search auto-complete and more. So, the next time you log-in to your Twitter account using your Android device, you’ll notice that for Tweets with links to content from Twitter’s partner sites, you will not longer be re-directed to a difference screen. The app will instead will expand the tweets on the app view itself. So, you can now play video or read articles from tweets for as long as those content are from the participating partner sites. The enhanced push notifications on the other hand lets you set to receive notifications from selected people you follow whenever they send a new tweet or retweet. You can turn on push notifications individually by going to the profile of people you follow and then editing this account on your device’s settings later on. The last of the three major new features of Twitter for Android is the improved search autocomplete feature which will now give you mroe suggestions when you’re searching for people. One last thing, avatars of people you follow are now tapable and will directly bring you to the profile page. And then of course the update also brings in many other tweaks, polish and bug and crash fixes. Via [Twitter Blog]

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